Hit raiting cap for furry warrior 4.2

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Fury And Arms Warrior Expertise & Hit.

For those of you who want complex information, this is certainly in that category. Now, as with anything in WoW this information may be subject to change, but
Perfektionieren Sie Ihren Look. Mit Mützen & Caps von OTTO!
FURY- Hit cap - 688.59 with 3/3 precision (which is not what you want) you should get to 260-295 with 3/3 precision. - Yellow cap - 163.95 with 3/3 precision, 262

Hit raiting cap for furry warrior 4.2

Hit raiting cap for furry warrior 4.2

Esoterickk's MoP Fury Warrior Guide -. Warrior Hit Cap - Arms Hit Cap & Fury Hit.
Protection Warrior Tank Statistics.
New Class Icon. Warriors are melee fighters highly trained in the arts of weaponry. They are strong and quick on the battlefield. Depending on their spec, a warrior


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